Purchase UTU Swiss


When you purchase UTU Swiss you will be able to install the software on two machines. If you need to install the software on more machines you can purchase an additional licence, which will allow you to install UTU Swiss on an additional machine.

Purchase UTU Swiss £50
Upgrade to UTU Swiss from
Tournament Director for Windows
Purchase an additional licence for UTU Swiss £10

If you upgrade to UTU Swiss from Tournament Director for Windows from the Coordinator package or the Multi-user package, please contact me for the terms of your upgrade.

How to buy UTU Swiss

UTU Swiss can not be purchased from the website. UTU Swiss must be purchased from within UTU Swiss Windows desktop application when it is running on your Windows machine.

Watch the short video below, which shows how to purchase UTU Swiss.


If you have already purchased a Tournament Director for Windows licence, you will automatically be given an upgrade to UTU Swiss for the discounted price of £20.

Returns Policy

If you decide UTU Swiss is not suitable for your purposes, notify us within 30 days and we will arrange a full refund. Your registration details will be removed from the automated registration system. The version of UTU Swiss installed on your machine will revert to a Trail version. If required, you can unintsall UTU Swiss from your machine.